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FrankBuonaiuto -300x194In your basements, other than the crawlspace, unrelated to the crawlspace…a lot of people have problems.  And every basement is different; one from the other.  You can have two houses built within the same time frame, on the same street; and one will have certain problems and another one will have other problems.  Some basements have stone foundations, some have cement block foundations, (and) some have concrete foundations.  And most of the ones with water problems are either because they put in bad footing drains or no footing drains around the outside of the foundation. Or they have compromised walls, meaning stone walls that were never really sealed well or no masonry in them.  Some of them (are) just dry stone walls in the older houses.  Some of them are poorly installed cement block foundations.  And cement blocks are very porous, by the way.  A lot of moisture can come through cement blocks.  There’s a few different ways that we address these problems other than the way other contractors or basement companies address the problems.  We will attack it either from the outside from where the source originates, or we also have a system that we use on the inside.

Most basement companies camouflage the problem.  They do capture the water … sometimes … and (then) they direct it to a sub pump and then pump it out.  We like to stop it at the source, (but) in some situations it is impossible to do that because the house might be on ledge, it might be in the middle of a swamp, the hydrostatic pressure under the floor could be coming up under the floor…and when that happens, we use different systems.  But our systems are also different from other basement companies.  Ours…I like to tell my men, “When you’re in a basement that has a lot of water in it, water problems, or (a) crawlspace that has a lot of water problems…think like the water.”  If you don’t think like the water you’ll never going to get it to stop affecting the living area or the basement.  So what you should do, I tell them, “Is encapsulate it, direct it, and remove it either through gravity fed drainage (which I like the best because then you don’t have to worry about pump failures and things like that)…or if it’s impossible to gravity feed it because of the logistics of the basement, then you can always install the pump like most companies do.  But the pump is my last choice, I like the old fashioned way…do a little digging, hard work, do it right, and you’ll have it made.

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