Water Drainage

water drainageThe leading cause of damage to a homeowner’s possessions, especially in the lower areas of the house is water. Without a doubt, water drainage is a pesky problem that most of us have to deal with over the duration of owning a home and if it’s not taken care of properly, many things can go wrong. The two main systemic problems are mold and property damage. Property damage can be an extremely debilitating issue especially considering the important keepsakes that most people store in their basements – countless scrap books and other items that have been in a family for years have been ruined by improper water drainage and it creates huge health problems with the mold if it is not treated quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes, a problem like this might happen only once. A freak storm or hurricanes like the east coast has experienced over the last two years are not common in that area and thus it’s generally safe to leave your belongings down below after getting the water completely cleaned out. But if the water is a continuous problem, you’ve got bigger issues and more money and possible damage at-stake.

For Starters

When dealing with water in your basement, you’re going to start by determining whether it is coming from above ground. If this is the case, it is most likely dripping against the foundation, either on the interior or exterior.

It’s also important to check how the water reacts once it flows out of the gutters on your home. It it starts to create pools on the sidewalk, in the garden or in the yard, you can bet that the overflow from those gutters is affecting the amount of moisture that is seeping into the basement. There are a few simple add-ons that you can buy at the local hardware store to correct this problem such as a downspout.

The More Expensive Problem

When there is no water to be found above ground but you’re still getting leakage, there is most likely a problem below the ground surface which is even more of a pain to fix. In this instance, the water will come in through any surface it can find in the foundation when it is pressured against the walls – spring thaws and heavy rains are perfect examples of this because if the water cannot go UP, it will go SIDEWAYS and into your basement. This creates a water drainage problem that is much harder to fix than a simple realignment of your gutters.

So how do you fix this kind of issue? Well, a drain system along the outskirts of the foundation can help to alleviate this issue however in extreme conditions, even this type of fix will not work and you’ll be forced back to the drawing board. And if you’re not properly prepared in this situation and ONLY install a perimeter drain, you’re setting yourself up for disaster if you don’t have a backup pump system in place.

Bottom Line

We know it’s a complicated situation and we want to help – if you call our office at 1-888-799-9997, we will give you a completely FREE phone consultation on the water drainage issues that you are having, whether they are in your basement, garage or any other part of the house. Even if you’re nowhere near our company headquarters, we don’t care – we have specialists that will be able to give you the best advice and point you in the right direction to solve your drainage issues.

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