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Vermont Contractor | Tony BuonaiutoFinding a contractor you can trust is always one of the toughest things to do. In my personal experience, it’s important to be able to survey the person who is trying to sell you on them doing the work for you and figure out if they’re an honest Abe or if they’re trying to overcharge you for all you’re worth! Whether it’s something simple like repairing your kitchen cabinets, retiling your bathroom floors or more intensive projects such as basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation, it’s important to learn about the contractor you might be going into business with as well as previous references they can provide. With this in mind, I’d like to share with you a testimonial submitted to our company for a job we did just a few months ago as a Vermont contractor:

“Dear Mr. Buonaiuto,

On August 30, 31 and September 2, a crew from your company sealed our crawlspace. As far as we can discern at this time, the process is doing what it is supposed to. The odors do seem to have gone or dissipated.

We must tell you about the crew led by Mark and Hawk and supervised by Rudy. They worked hard, efficiently and continuously. They faced a major water problem on thursday but the three of them…especially Mark and Hawk, quickly examined the various options and finally rigged up an ingenious system to get water from a lake some 600-700 feet away from the house. We were impressed by their ingenuity, knowledge and dedication to the job which means a lot to us. The rest of the crew also worked steadily and appeared to be well-apprised of their responsibilities. Rudy kept us informed of each step of the procedure and went out of his way to assure us and to minimize our small apprehensions. He even brought us some great Italian bread from the Bronx!

We were also pleased by the way Neil handled the transaction. Despite our early skepticism, he went out of his way to assist us in making a decision to have the crawl space sealed by your company.

If your product works as well as your employees (and again, it appears that it does), you have a sure-fire winner!

Thank you,

Macey & Gloria”

Something you’ll notice is that the testimonial isn’t edited in any way – in fact, it was submitted so soon after the job was completed that they aren’t even saying “you’re the greatest, all of our problems are solved.” Which of course, they will be because our product and process totally rocks! BUT the bigger picture is that my father and I have built a company on a solid foundation of hard working employees who genuinely care about the people we do business with and to get un-solicited testimonials like this one really makes me smile because I know what we are doing is working.

If you’re looking for a Vermont contractor, I would highly recommend sending us an email by clicking this link or calling us at 888-799-9997.

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