Rodents & Insect Infestation

Tired of the mice running through your walls or in your kitchen?

You might already know that dirt crawl spaces are one of the ways vermin enter your home. It’s an ideal nesting place for mice, insects and other animals. Maybe you’ve set some traps down there or even have a regular exterminator. Treating the symptoms is a long-term financial commitment and what kinds of toxic extermination substances are you using that become airborne or get into your well water?

The truth is that dirt crawl spaces are pretty much like having a dirt floor in your home. It’s a breeding ground for spiders, rats, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, mice, ants and other insects. You may have noticed signs like cobwebs, droppings, the odor of urine, the smell of a skunk whose nestled in and called it home. What better shelter can these vermin find but in your home?

FAQS | Some questions many homeowners begin to ask themselves are:

  • What diseases are these animals bringing into my home?
  • Will it make me sick?
  • Is it already making me sick and I don’t even know it?
  • Are insects already destroying my home?
  • What are the long-term financial risks to my home if I don’t fix this immediately?
  • How do I fix this and how much will it cost?

It’s time to call and schedule your FREE on-site consultation. We know every home is different and many variables affect how unhealthy a crawl space becomes over time – things like the size, where it sits in relation to the water table, how the crawl space has been insulated and vented – all come into play when assessing not only what damage has already occurred but also what needs to be done to fix it. Contact us at 888-799-9997 and one of our customer care professionals will come out and talk with you about what they find and what it will cost you to fix your crawl space.

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