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mold in your homeFirst, let’s assume you have mold NY in your basement, crawl space or other room on the 1st floor of your house. Second, let’s assume that you’re aware that mold in your household can cause serious health problems. Third, let’s assume you’re aware that about 40% of the air in your house comes from your crawl space and basement – how does that all make you feel?

Do you want to be lying in bed thinking about the mold spores that you, your spouse and your children are breathing in? Or would you rather have a professional, accredited company solve this problem in a fast, efficient and affordable way?

If so, you can watch the video below. If you want more information about mold NY, read on.

It’s hard to avoid the fact that most basement areas contain a lot of moisture. And when the water in those spaces creates moisture, the moisture starts to rise and combined with just a little bit of heat, harmful bacteria, mildew and most importantly, MOLD, will begin to grow at a rapid pace. Many people confuse pollen with mold – you’ll see pollen in the air (especially in NY) in the spring but mold does not float around like that. Mold spores begin to creep up through your basement and floor boards and THEN begins to float – inside your house, not outside in a visible manner.

Allergens are generated by mold as well as mycotoxins which, while not always present, will certainly produce negative issues in your body as they are literally TOXIC to you. Some results of these issues include breathing issues, red eyes, skin rashes, high fevers and other allergic reactions. Serious throat and lung issues can occur whether or not a person’s response is particularly allergic.

To Fix The Mold In Your House

If you want to remove the mold yourself, you CAN do some of the work. Here are a few ideas:

  • any materials that are porous will probably be have to be removed otherwise you can clean and reseal them
  • vacuuming all of this off will cost between $200-1,000 just to rent OR buy the proper vacuum cleaner (if you remove the mold yourself, you’ll probably need to buy one because these vacuums do not permanently keep the mold out as the roots usually are left fully in-tact on the surfaces)
  • you need to use a variety of sealants and glues to bury the mold spores that are semi-alive
  • moisture dusting and more vacuuming will hopefully get rid of the stray mold particles that could be released into the house
  • you also might want to install an air purifier in the basement or crawl space as well
  • Want to know the biggest issue with all of these mold removal suggestions that you can theoretically do yourself?
They won’t work for more than 2 or 3 years because it’s impossible to cover all of the bases as a homeowner trying to remove mold, you will have to repeat this complicated process very soon once the mold spores regenerate and begin to fill up the air in your house.

My advice (I’m Tony, the CEO of Neutocrete writing this article by the way) is that you give us a call to schedule a free consultation with one of our representatives. We’re not the solution for anyone but we’ll give you a free consultation and give you the best possible gameplan to clean up the mold in your crawl space. Call us toll free at 888-799-9997 or email us here.

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