Kitchen Smell

kitchen smellIt’s very rare that you would be about to cook raw meat, forget about it and accidentally put it inside the wall behind your refrigerator but when it comes to kitchen smells, this is often not that far off where rats and mice are concerned. Think about it: where is the biggest supply of food? In your kitchen, naturally! So it only makes sense that if your house or apartment is infested with vermin or insects, they are constantly circling around the place where all of the food is cooked and stored in order to try and grab a bite. Don’t forget, the smells and residue left in the typical kitchen are absolute magnets for the pesky vermin that want whatever it is you’re eating.

Hard-boiled eggs smell

Water issues can also make your kitchen smell less than desirable. Maybe you’ve begun to smell something that reminds you of hard boiled eggs (or even worse – ROTTEN hard boiled eggs). Do not fear, especially if it is coming from your kitchen sink area. If it’s not coming from your kitchen sink area, you have a bit more to worry about and should first start by asking every member of the household if they’ve stashed any hardboiled Easter eggs in a cabinet for more than 6 hours in the past week. But assuming the Easter egg hunt has come and gone without incident, it’s more than likely an odor caused by high levels of sulfur in your water. Sometimes this is caused in the groundwater before it ever reaches your filtration system, sometimes it’s a bacteria, sometimes it can be caused by your water heater malfunctioning. This can also have a disastrous effect on the plumbing of the household, particularly if it is hydrogen sulfide gas or bacteria as the residue can block up the filtration systems (or any part of the water or sewage systems) and cause a whole mess of problems for you, most of which are very unpleasant to deal with and expensive to treat.

Fishy smell

If something smells fishy over the course of a few days and begins to grow stronger, you might have a very serious health problem on your hands (and in your nose AND your home)! Black mold often smells like fish after it has been able to grow consistently and the improper step;s to take care of this very dangerous problem can have enormous repercussions on the quality and durability of the household as well as the health of everyone who inhabits that particular space. Mold needs moisture and is thus attracted to a place like the kitchen where there are multiple inputs and outputs for water (think sink, garbage disposal, filtration water system in the refrigerator, etc.). A black light is also helpful at night because you can look for areas of the walls and once you’ve correctly identified the problem areas, you can bring in an expert to see what can be done about it. Unfortunately, black mold is such a serious problem that many times, chemical treatments won’t work and the proper treatment actually necessitates ripping out huge sections of walls or baseboards to completely rid you of the problem.

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