Humidity Issues

Is your fieldstone foundation or Dirt Crawl Space humid?

water & humid air issues
You might already know this creates the perfect humid atmosphere for mold growth, infrastructure decay, and pest infestations of all kinds. Can’t build, or store clothing ‘down there’ because of mold/mildew? Metal items rust… It’s time to ‘Air It Out’ … Again? On a first name basis with the exterminator?

All signs the undercarriage of your home is suffering from some level of water intrusion. Your Home! Your family’s refuge. A source of Pride! Typically one of the largest investments one makes. Without a comprehensive water management system in place your home can turn into a money pit and a health hazard.

Fact is 30%-50% of the air in your home is from beneath it. Because of this water infiltration not only costs good money for maintenance, water adversely impacts asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments.

FAQs | Some questions many homeowners begin to ask themselves are:

  • If I don’t fix this what’s it going to cost me?
  • How much does it cost to repair a rotted floor or sills?
  • What price for lost opportunity for extra storage or living space?
  • What price the health and well-being of my loved ones?
  • How much does this reduce the resale value and attractiveness of my home?
  • How do I fix this and what will it cost.

It’s time to call and schedule your FREE on-site consultation. The truth is water is very opportunistic and often has several avenues of entry. We begin to develop a water management system outside in. Through thorough visual assessment of the grounds and dwelling, and client/consultant question/answer dialogue the issue(s), water entry routes, and urgency level is determined. We then develop a step-by-step water management plan to keep your home water free, worry free.

You’ve been living in this destructive situation long enough!
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