How Neutocrete Helps Schools

how neutocrete helps schoolsTony Buonaiuto of Neutocrete here.  Today, we want to tell you that we don’t only help you with your home but we help you with other things.  One of the things I’m going to talk to you today about real quick in this video is your schools.  In Connecticut, probably 50% of the schools that are built are older.  In a New England based town…older buildings.  Guess what you find in older buildings…crawlspaces, tunnels, (and) hallways under the school that all the mechanical systems run through.  In those tunnels very little maintenance happens, (unless there is a broken pipe).  And when that happens, a plumber goes down there and replaces the pipe.  Nobody maintains, or sweeps, or mops, or disinfects the tunnel systems.  So over the years, older buildings decay.  Rodents, mold, air quality problems, sometimes even contaminants-maybe even things like lead or Hephaestus show up.  So we get the call.

We go in and eliminate the problems and we create healthy, clean environment for the education of your children.  And we give them a safe environment.  While you’re watching this video, realize that this is a school.  And we service schools, and help eliminate the same problems that you might have in your home in a crawlspace.  Mold, rodents, nasty inhabitants, decay, (and) contamination.  We go in and disinfect them, clean them up, seal them, and complete the process so you can have healthy air quality, minimal headaches, and less (fewer) problems associated with them.  What we do is that we create a clean environment so it’s maintainable.  When you have raw dirt in a crawlspace, the maintenance problem is exorbitant.

We typically get calls for Neutocrete…one of your five senses is triggered and smell is a big one here.  When I went down into the crawlspace there was (were) the most dynamic mold gardens I’d ever seen growing on the soil and up the walls…[t]o the point where if you stepped in it…”Poof”…it would go up in the air.  And part of that was getting into the air system of the building and getting throughout the building.  Some of the teachers in the school were having problems with their eyes being watery, their sinuses itching and irritated, their throats being scratchy, and we were called in.  We go (went) in and we eliminate(d) it, we disinfect(ed) the whole underside of the building, and we eliminated the source of the moisture and food source; so no more mold will ever grow in there.  And the air quality is a 100% so that any occupant in the building can do what they need to do while they are there.

Superintendents, decision makers…give us a call and we will come out and evaluate your school…evaluate your building and tell you what it could take and how we can help fit the budget, meet the needs of the requirements of the state that you’re in, and help you get better air quality so you can do what you do best and not have to worry about what is going on underneath the building.  If the pipe breaks, you call the plumber.  In this case we were called in but the plumbers were unable to even work in there because the environment was so contaminated that the mechanical system was failing.  Because rot, decay, rust, corrosion…and if you want to enhance the performance of the building, enhance the life of the building, and preserve the structure, you’ve got to eliminate the dirt.  So to eliminate the dirt, you’re going to eliminate the moisture, you’re going to eliminate the mold, and the air quality will (therefore) create a safe environment under the building and in the building, reducing the containments, reducing the mold spores, and reducing the poor air quality.  The air you breathe will be a lot better.  More healthy and clean.

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