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gong show live neutocrete sponsorshipI wanted to take a quick second to tell you about a great cause our company is sponsoring to help alleviate some of the suffering brought on by Hurricane Sandy…in the past month, many people have struggled to regain any sense of normalcy in their lives. Even as New York City seems fully operational, there are still huge stretches of Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, New Jersey and Coastal Connecticut (among other areas of course) where people are unable to sleep in their own beds. Hotels and motels are being taken up by many families who are simply looking for a good night’s rest and are trying desperately to rebuild their lives and their bank accounts.

As a result, Neutocrete has partnered with The Gong Show Live to provide 300 free tickets to their shows on December 6th & January 3rd so that people who have been deeply affected by the hurricane will be able to laugh and drink and forget their troubles for an evening.

And in case you’re unaware of what the Gong Show is, it’s a live rendition of the 70s TV show by the same name wherein entertainers would do their best in front of a panel of judges while trying to avoid the Gong, meaning that they’d been kicked off before the allotted time. It was funny on the television screen but it’s absolutely hilarious to watch in-person and all of us at Neutocrete are very honored to be a part of this event as a way to give back to our neighbors who have lost so much as a result of the storm.

If you know someone who has been adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy and would like to nominate them for a free ticket to the Gong Show, click this link to do so.

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