Drylok: An Honest Review

drylokDrylok is a product that is used to stop water seepage on interior masonry walls. It is supposed to seal basement foundations, primarily block foundations but I’ve seen it on concrete as well. Of course, the reason you need to seal any basement foundation is because the foundation is porous. Moisture can come through the concrete, stone or block and cause a lot of problems under the house so sealing it is an integral part of the process in making sure your basement is clean and dry. The theory is that Drylok prevents all of this water seepage after it is applied.

Drylok breeds mold?

I know, it’s hard to believe but Drylok actually HELPS mold to grow! A friend of mine is a contractor and he told me a story about how he used Drylok in a basement, only to come back a few months later and realize that the foundation was covered with mold. When he called UGL (the company that makes Drylok) to complain, they told him he didn’t have a claim against them because Drylok says right on the label that it can cause mold to grow.

Crazy, right? The last thing I want in my basement is a product that helps to feed the mold! But how does this actually work?

Well, without getting too technical or chemical, mold needs a food source and moisture in order to grow. When you see mold, you’re seeing a flower because that’s what mold is – a flower. It takes roots, feeds and multiplies. The chemical makeup of Drylok paint is a particular food source that mold actually likes (mold also grows on wood and many other similar surfaces as those are food sources as well) so the mold has food in plenty if Drylok is present. And because Drylok is used on basement foundations, there is always a constant stream of moisture flowing through the walls to keep the mold growing at a rapid pace.


Their brochures are partially correct – ordinary paint WILL get forced off with any water seepage and Drylock WILL stay on a bit longer but it does something else – it cracks! Drylok doesn’t expand and contract so when temperature, humidity or moisture levels change (which happens often as we all know, especially in New England where Neutocrete’s headquarters are located), the Drylok starts to crack up. The other issue is that any substance like cement block is continually moving which further reduces Drylok’s ability to properly prevent water seepage.

What Neutocrete recommends!

Neutocrete uses a patented solution called Rubberwall which dries quick enough to stop those nasty bubbles that will pierce other seals that are nowhere near as hardy. The product that we use is elastic so it can stretch and flex, making sure calcium deposits don’t burst through. You can actually hold samples of this product in your hand, stretching it as much as you want and you’ll see how durable it is, it’s truly an incredible demonstration. Our solution eliminates the moisture because it is a permanent seal that is applied as a liquid, dries as a solid rubber and will resist all of the changes in climate and other intrusions that products like Drylok cannot handle.

You can read more about what is Drylok in this article.

If you’re in the northeast (this means New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts), you’ll want to learn more about Neutocrete – the only patented product on the market guaranteed to give you complete crawl space encapsulation and peace of mind.

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