Dry Rot & Musty Orders

Are the beams that hold up your home slowly decaying?

house-with-dry-rotYou might already know that there’s structural damage because of the humidity in your crawl space or even  that the crawl space is the source of the musty odors in your home. Maybe you’ve even tried a few do-it-yourself solutions to mask the smell or lock out the moisture from the ground.

But the truth is dirt crawlspaces are pretty much like having a dirt floor in your home.

What happens is that moisture, or even water from the ground, seeps up into your crawlspace and creates the ideal environment for decay. Dry rot is a fungus that thrives in your crawl space and grows and feeds off damp wood. The beams that hold your house together slowly disintegrate over time. It’s so slow that maybe you don’t even notice it happening.

If you’re also smelling foul odors it means that the decay is well underway. Sometimes the dry rot is so well underway that you experience sagging or bouncy floors. Sometimes cracks appear, especially around your door frames. The doors then warp or become sticky and squeaky and won’t close properly.

These are just some of the signs but there are many others. Maybe you have only one or two. And that’s good. Because it means there’s  still a little time to fix your crawl space before the damage is too costly.

FAQs | Some questions many homeowners begin to ask themselves are:

  • How can I live with the disgusting smells?
  • How much damage do I really have to my home?
  • What are the long term financial risks to my home if I don’t fix this immediately?
  • How do I fix this and how much will it cost?

It’s time to call and schedule your FREE on-site consultation. We know every home is different and many variables affect how unhealthy a crawl space becomes over time – things like the size, where it sits in relation to the water table, how the crawl space has been insulated and vented – all come into play when assessing not only what damage has already occurred but also what needs to be done to fix it. Contact us at 888-799-9997 and one of our customer care professionals will come out and talk with you about what they find and what it will cost you to fix your crawl space.

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