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crawlspace ventsConventional thinking has homeowners believing that they need ventilation in their crawl space from the outside world. The assumption behind this is that you’re reducing the amount of moisture in the crawl space because you have air moving in and out but what you’re really doing is allowing hot and humid air into your crawl space during the summer and cold air in the winter. But what really happens is far worse for the health of your family and the structure of your home – this air coming in from the outside actually CREATES the first building block of everyone’s worst nightmare: mold.

When you have a crawlspace vent, moisture and humid air are pouring directly into your crawlspace (not to mention the mold spores floating around outside which are also being directed through the vent to the bottom of your house). Once the humidity and moisture are in there, the mold latches onto the wood as a food source (because remember, mold is a living, breathing organism as it is a flower) and begins to multiply like crazy.

What we recommend

Here at Neutocrete, we recommend that you SEAL any and all crawlspace vents that you have on the premises. This will eliminate changes in temperature and will completely eliminate humid air, moisture and mold spores from flowing into your crawlspace from the outside. We usually seal these vents from the inside using our patented, light-weight Neutocrete to seal the deal (occasionally using insulation in this process as well). It is a much better way to keep the conditions constant as you want them inside that small confined space.

And because there is usually hot water pipes, duct work or air conditioning running through a crawlspace, it is relatively easy to condition the air there just as you would the rest of the house. In fact, in many full basements, a hatchway comes between the basement and crawlspace – the hatchway is usually sealed up but if it is cleaned properly and disinfected, the air will flow from the basement, through the hatchway and into the crawlspace, effectively condition the air inside exactly as you want it – crisp, clean air that doesn’t carry mold spores, moisture or humidity (this is of course assuming that your basement has been taken care of in these regards).

Where do you find crawlspace vents?

Vents such as these are usually in the foundation when a block is removed while the foundation is being built. Another benefit to the way Neutocrete seals the crawlspaces is that by having it done from the inside, it’s less expensive, less intrusive and you’re not jackhammering the vent out of the foundation of your home. The way we do it, everything on the outside stays exactly as it was before we got there.

But they’re energy efficient vents…aren’t they?

There are many places that sell crawlspace vents and they SAY that the vents are good at ventilation and insulation at different times of the year but the fact is, all a vent does is allow bad stuff to flow into your crawlspace on a daily basis. Our position is that you eliminate the risk of this altogether & seal it off once and for all!

If you’re in the northeast (this means New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts), you’ll want to learn more about Neutocrete – the only patented product on the market guaranteed to give you complete crawl space encapsulation and peace of mind.
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