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crawl space insulation ctWhen it comes to fixing crawl space insulation in CT, our company does an absolutely fantastic job…but I’m the owner so you’d expect me to write that, wouldn’t you? So instead, I will let two of our satisfied customers speak on this issue. George is from Westport and Douglas is from Brookfield, two of my favorite towns in CT! Connecticut is notorious for having older houses with pesky crawl spaces and it is our company’s mission to eradicate the issues that people in CT experience from their crawl spaces and their crawl space insulation.

“Dear Mr. Buonaiuto,

We are writing to you to praise you for the Neutocrete installation in our home, my wife and I are very happy. The crew was neat and efficient and did a great job. The results from the Neutocrete installation were everything that you had said: clean, dry and odor and mildew free. You may use our name as a reference if needed.

Sincerely, George Constantikes”

And here are Douglas’ thoughts on having his home “Neutocreted” and I’m seriously considering paying him a royalty every time that phrase is used from now on! 😉

“Dear Mr. Buonaiuto,

I would like to comment on the prompt, professional and courteous service which Neutocrete has provided.

My wife and I are extremely pleaed with the work performed by your company. The results have fully met our expectations. Our experience with Neutocrete was pleasurable, the workmanship excellent, the staff helpful and courteous. And the value of the work performed excellent.

We would be pleased to recommend your company to anyone considering having their home “Neutocreted” (not sure if that’s a real term but if you want to make it one, I’d like credit for coming up with it!). Feel free to use me as a reference. It was an extremely worthwhile investment.

Kind regards,

Douglas Steers”

If you want help to make your crawl space dry and safe OR to get advice on crawl space insulation in CT, call us at 1-888-799-9997.

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