Connecticut Crawl Space

Connecticut Crawl SpaceNeutocrete is a company based out of Danbury, Connecticut and we fix crawl spaces in Connecticut! We take away the moisture, mold and fungus and provide a safe, energy efficient crawl space underneath your house. I’ll explain a bit more in this article but before I do, check out this review from a very satisfied customer in New Milford, CT named Greg Fisher:

“Dear Mr. Buonaiuto,

Enclosed please find the “after pictures” showing the final result of your wonderful Neutocrete application in my crawlspace. What a difference! It is a pleasure to now have a clean crawl space free of mold, dirt, spiders and dampness. Your workers did an excellent job and were very neat and courteous. I appreciate you sending Rudy on your final pouring day. It was great that your men never had to enter the house to do the job and were able to enter the crawlspace from a small outside window. I would highly recommend Neutocrete Crawl Space Specialists to anyone looking to get rid of a dirty crawl space and the negative aspects that go with it.”

You can watch this video to get some history on our company:

And here’s a letter to my father, Frank, who is my partner in Neutocrete:

“Dear Frank,

First let me say that Neutocrete is working. Our indoor air quality is so much better. I can’t believe how fast the change was, really great! Crawl spaces in Connecticut must be a pain for so many people and I hope they are able to get in touch with you guys because you did a great job in my house and I thank you!

Sincerely, Charles Berger”

The fact of the matter is that a crawl space can affect many aspects of your home life and if you want true professionals to come and assist you with a consultation, call us at 1-888-799-9997.

Click here to learn exactly how Neutocrete works, call us or email us through this contact page.

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