CASE STUDY: Historic 1795 Robinson Cottage, Southport, CT

The historic 1795 Robinson Cottage is one of the oldest post-revolutionary buildings in Fairfield County, CT, and is owned by the Sasquanaug Association for Southport Improvement, Inc., a non-profit neighborhood organization dedicated to preserving historic properties. The home is maintained as a residential rental.

In 1998, the association dedicated resources to extensive renovations to the cottage due to severe degradation of the structural integrity of the building. During preliminary needs assessments, the association realized the negative impact the dirt crawl space played in the damage to the home. It became clear to the association that fixing the structural damage without addressing the source of the problem would be wasteful and would lead to similar degradation in the future. After extensive due diligence, the association chose Neutocrete Systems, Inc. to fix the crawl space.


before and after neutocrete











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