Basement Waterproofing in NJ

basement waterproofing njWhen learning to waterproof your basement, it is important to make sure you use the proper materials while basement waterproofing in NJ. The lining that you use and the after-effects of the aesthetics that come with these types of materials are very important when you talk about having full, functional use of your basement after it has been set up to guard against water damage.


How would you feel about painting your living room? Excited, right? You’ve picked out your color, you know how it’s going to look against the living room carpet, how it will mesh with the color schemes of the furniture in the room and all that jazz. So you set about painting your living room OR you’re paying someone to paint it. And you deal with the hassle of throwing cloth over furniture and dust and paint fumes and all the nasty, crazy stuff that goes along with painting a room like that. And then, finally, you get your living room back! And it looks great, exactly as you imagined it, you’re now ready to begin enjoying the energy of that room again. And then all of that beautiful paint on walls does something crazy – it CRACKS!

Now, I know you’re not going to be living in your basement (unless it’s a finished basement in which case, by all means!) but most companies that deal with waterproofing use a handful of different products to try to keep the moisture out of the basement. The issue with these products is that they do not have elasticity or any sort of a rubber quality – it’s more of a paint than anything else. So when there are changes in temperature, this ‘paint’ cannot expand nor contract and it does one thing – it CRACKS.

At Neutocrete, we use a product called Rubberwall on wall surfaces which is an elastic plastic that WILL expand and contract in response to temperature variations but it will still hold back any hydrostatic pressure – any moisture or water sources coming through the foundation will be kept out by the Rubberwall. It is very important to make sure you are using a product like this and if you have questions about it, you’re more than welcome to give us a call.


I just want you to make sure you have all of the pieces put in place so you can make an educated decision about the company that will be doing your basement work. Or maybe, you’re even doing it yourself! If so, congratulations, there’s a bit more reading that you’ll want to do: drainage location and pump systems are two other very important categories and shouldn’t be left out. The bottom line is this: if you’re going to take the time and energy to work on your basement yourself OR pay a company to do it for you, make sure you’re an educated consumer. Buy the right stuff. Don’t let them sell you on a system of techniques that was invented in the 1960s – be smart, do your research and use the resources on our website to help you.

If you’re in the northeast (this means New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts), you’ll want to learn more about Neutocrete – the only patented product on the market guaranteed to give you complete crawl space encapsulation and peace of mind.
Click here to learn exactly how Neutocrete works or call our office at 1-888-799-9997 to schedule a free consultation with one of our representatives.

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