Basement Waterproofing CT – The Real Story

What causes a leaky basement

When dealing with basement waterproofing in CT, you need to deal with a company who doesn’t use the same old construction methods. Dealing with rain runoff is hard enough in the summer and the melted snow in the winter creates added problems that call for advanced methodology. There are two main components to waterproofing a basement: drainage location and pump systems (one of those makes me pretty mad but we’ll talk about that later). We’ll deal with each one of those in this article and we will start with the location of the drain.

Drainage Location

In construction, you typically pour a footing which is a thick slab of concrete and build wall on top so it deflects the load bearing of wall – this way, you’re supporting the wall and the structural integrity of your house is sound. This is all well and good until you have a company that comes into waterproof your basement and ends up compromising the very foundation upon which your house is built.

What we’ve seen from our competitors is that they will position the basement drain extremely close to the wall – within 6 inches or so. What this does is creates a huge hazard for the slab on the footing and begin to compromise that wall’s strength. This will almost always happen, the only variable is time and the timing is dependent upon how much water comes through that basement and the drain. They also typically leave the drainage trench covered with a plastic grate – exposing your basement to the water flowing through the drain.

At Neutocrete, we build our drainage around 12 inches from the wall so we don’t detach the floor from the footing and we’re not affecting structural integrity of slab on footing. This way, the drain still works to its maximum capacity without damaging the house in any way. It is also a much more effective method for drainage and that is our main priority when waterproofing a basement in CT.

Pump Systems

This one always makes me angry when I talk to our customers because they will tell me stories of failed basement waterproofing jobs done by our competitors right here in Connecticut! Many times, our competitors sell complex, intricate sump pump systems that combine expensive dehumidifiers into them and overselling homeowners into oblivion. And on top of that, they will sell these crazy backup battery systems that are super expensive and only last 8-12 hours when the power goes out!

The sump pumps that Neutocrete recommends will not force you to remortgage your house in order to have a completely waterproof basement. You’re probably aware that sump pumps are required in many waterproofing jobs but we are proud of our ability to provide you with strong, durable, consistent sump pumps that work diligently to keep the water out of your basement. And as far as those expensive backup battery extravaganzas that the other guys sell, we would never recommend that you purchase one of those. Our technicians have much better and less expensive options for you to chose from so that if the power goes out, your sump pump will keep working around the clock, not just for 12 hours.

Other Considerations

I’m not going to even touch on the lining issues that come up in these kinds of jobs but you can read a little bit about that in this article. And as far as aesthetics go, it’s something that you really need to make sure will be handled before anyone starts working on your basement. Our competitors will say that they’ll make it look brand spankin’ new but most times, we go into a basement to repair the waterproofing job only to find that the drainage and other plastics that they’ve used are left out in the open for anyone to see. I’ll go into more detail about how we keep your basement looking neat and clean post-waterproofing in a future article but you definitely want to make sure that the company you’re going with will pay close attention to leaving your house looking beautiful when they leave it because it’s not JUST a basement – it’s a part of your house that deserves to look as tidy as the living room!

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