Advanced Drainage Systems

advanced drainage systems at homeI hate to tell you but sometimes, you’re just going to need to look at installing one or more advanced drainage systems in order to really make a dent in the water runoff problems in your home or building. Sometimes, a simple storm drain doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, fixing your gutters doesn’t quite stop the rain water runoff. Sometimes, your footings will get messed up no matter how many perimeter drains you try to do your self or even pay someone else to do.

Easy-to-install Piping Systems

Occasionally, you can fashion a pipe-based drainage system without having to do much digging at all. This usually goes very close to the foundation of the house and once the pipe is laid, it’s an easy process to join the pipes together with another pre-existing space for rain water runoff (street, storm drain, etc). In these situations, it’s also possible to purchase breathable, plastic drain grates and basins (commonly found in sports fields) in order to help the water runoff smoothly into an area that will not affect your foundation. These types of grates and risers usually range in diameter from 10-25″ and the smaller they are, the more parts they come with meaning the runoff systems are much easier to arrange to suit your needs.

What Pipes to Choose?

Typically, I recommend using pipes between 3 & 4 inches in diameter. These usually come in 10′ increments. You’ll want to find a pipe that has a layer circling the stronger core to ensure durability and strength – these dual-walled pipes are incredibly useful but if you go into any big-box store, they’ll usually steer you towards the single-layer pipes due to their lower cost and higher volume. And if you ever have a need to drain something other than water, these pipes actually work very well in the waste-removal business.

No More Concrete

It used to be that the only way to put in an advanced drainage system involved huge concrete structures that took at least one if not multiple excavators to put in place. Now, these types of systems can be put together with environmentally-friendly plastic structures that are usually custom-made. Obviously, these are more for the bigger jobs that you’d find, typically commercial situations. The good news is that while you pay for the cost of a custom-fitted solution, you’re not paying for intense labor as there is no need for any of the materials or machinery previously associated with those huge concrete storm drains.

Learn from the Golf Course

Most of you reading this will not have any need for an advanced drainage system that is also a fast system. However, sporting surfaces, particularly golf courses, make use of pliable piping systems that can be wrapped and looped to their heart’s content. The biggest advantage of this material is that the inside of the pipes have specifically delineated, circular spaces which literally forces higher volumes of water towards the end of the tunnel, sometimes cutting drainage time in HALF. These are a little harder to get a hold of, your typical big-box hardware store probably won’t carry these exact pipes but the good news is, they’re not a custom order – you just need to find a place online that stocks them.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with systems like this is no fun – we know this – and we want to help you for free.

Call our office at 1-888-799-9997 to speak to one of our representatives for a completely free phone consultation. If you have any questions about installing a highly technical or custom water drainage project, we will be happy to provide expert support REGARDLESS of whether you actually need the help of our company. That is our promise.


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