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Tony Buonaiuto, co-founder of Neutocrete

Tony Buonaiuto, co-founder of Neutocrete

“Like a lot of people years ago, we didn’t realize the connection between dirt crawl spaces and problems in the home. Our customers would complain about household troubles coming from under the floors and nobody knew what to do about it, nobody had the answers, nobody knew how to fix it…

“Mice running across the floor…Children up half the night with respiratory problems…Cold floors and higher energy costs…Dry rot and structural issues…Odors and mold and mildew in closets…

“What we learned, back in 1989, was that there was a direct connection between dirt crawl spaces and issues in the home. My father, Frank, had a customer with an old farmhouse. The house had a musty odor because of a damp crawl space. My Dad spent six months and thousands of dollars creating a mixture and process of installation he called Neutocrete®. It was an instant success and solved the problems.”

“Since then we’ve helped thousands of homeowners, schools, hospitals, churches, and building owners eradicate these kinds of problems in their crawl spaces.

“You may not be ready for us now and we’re not the solution for everyone, but if you think you might be experiencing similar problems, you can always call us at 1-888-799-9997 OR email us HERE.



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