A Typical Neutocrete® Installation

Site Preparation Solves:
mold, water, vermin, musty odors and high energy costs



The Neutocrete crew prepares the earth surface of your crawl space for the proper application of Neutocrete®. This includes removing debris and old insulation from the crawl space then raking out the dirt floor and adding a layer of crushed stone. Our experienced crew gears up with masks and gear from protection against breathing in mold and harmful bacteria before the work begins.

Fix Drainage – Neuto-Drainage™ Installation Solves:water and humidity issues

fix drainage

If you have water instrusion problems our experienced crew will develop an adaptive drainage system hybridized to remedy the problems particular to your property and crawl space.

Because Neutocrete is a sealant it will act as a barrier and not allow the water into your crawl space. If there are existing water problems the water will rise beneath the Neutocrete causing lifting and sometimes cracking.

Occasionally water will come into a crawl space from another source such as through concrete or rock walls. A well designed drainage system will rectify this issue.

A drainage system can be as simple as installing a sump pump or, for more extreme conditions, this means developing a whole system of drainage within your crawl space and outside your home or on your property.

Seal Crawl Space – Neutocrete® & Neutocoat™ Application Solves:mold, water, vermin, musty odors and high energy costs


Seal Crawl Space

Neutocrete®, our patented lightweight mixture is applied like concrete and allowed to cure for a 60-90 day period after which it permanently seals and dries out dirt crawl space floors. Neutocoat™ is applied after the Neutocrete® cures and provides a polished layer of additional sealer.


Mold Treatment – NeutoShock™ & NeutoBlock™ Application Solves: health and mold problems

When there are signs of water intrusion and/or mold we’ll apply NeutoShock to all exposed man-made surfaces like windows, floor joists, walls, etc. This highly effective EPA-registered fungicide/cleaner/disinfectant eliminates mold.

Formulated to prevent future mold growth NeutoBlock is applied within the crawl space. It provides an extra level of security and prevents mold spores from attaching themselves within your crawl space in the future.

Insulation Installation & Ventilation Modifications Solves: health-water-insect-energy issues

We will remove improperly and ineffectively installed insulation and replace it with high-quality insulation only around the beam ends where energy leaks occur. Because Neutocrete® acts as a natural insulator the “ceiling” of your crawl space is left uninsulated. This allows the crawl space to become an integrated part of your household system and helps keep your home temperature constant.

We will modify or replace your current ventilation system to improve the health of your crawl space. Contrary to popular belief, ventilated crawl spaces allow moist air into your crawl space – especially in the summer. Sealed crawl spaces are healthier and have less humidity and are less likely to have mold growth and help maintain a constant home temperature.

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